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Purposeful Living [Part VIII]

Your primary responsibility is to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Can you name the three most important principles that you live by? Can you name the three most important things you want to accomplish in life? Can you name the three most important reasons that you work?

If you cannot answer these three questions then you have not discovered your purpose to begin fulfilling it. The happiest and most productive workers are workers who feel fulfilled by their profession.

To discover your purpose, get to know yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What activities make you happy? What do you value the most?

To begin to fulfill your destiny enable yourself to engage fully in the activities that you value and enjoy the most. These activities will strengthen your strong suits and help you to overcome your weaknesses, in the domains that have the most value and thus the greatest influence in your life. Reinforced learning makes the mechanics of knowing your purpose unconscious so that you can fulfill your destiny on a daily basis.

The importance of this is immeasurable. You may encounter people in your business and personal life who will attempt to redefine you. As discussed in Chapter 1: Have an Objective, you need to have your own objective or risk becoming a tool for someone else’s objective. This goes hand in hand with knowing and fulfilling your destiny. If you are lost to yourself then you are not fulfilling your purpose and are open to becoming solely the tool for someone else’s purpose and objective.

Knowing who you are establishes your self-identity for you and for others. It enables you to know what path is right or wrong for you, so that you may continuously experience the greatness specifically designated for you.

This is Part VIII of "Becoming Your Best Self", click here to download the e-book.