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The Mobile Revolution is Far From Over [Infographic]

Mobile computing has exploded in ways we've never imagined and although the market may seem a little saturated, there is still plenty of room for growth.

The speed of technology continues to increase. We're getting better faster; and with only 4 years for broadband to reach 500 million users, there's nowhere for us to go except super nova. Our world is shrinking and although there are some differences in how we are using mobile technology around the globe, there are more similarities than differences.

The US spends just 4.5% less in advertising than Asia. Asia has concentrated their ad spend on search, (72%). The US diversified a bit. Of course, the driver for this research is "why in the world should I care?" You should care because the exponential growth cycle is not yet complete. All indicators show that a mobile marketing strategy should be considered, at minimum, and employed if it is suitable to your venture.